You’re Better Than a Crab

You’re Better Than a Crab What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read the picture above? I’ll give you a second…
You see In this lifetime you will most definitely come across people who want to hold you back from success. This could be intentionally, or a lack of knowledge and understanding in what you’re trying to do.

Sometimes this can be just down to plain jealousy. This is what’s described as the “Crab mentality.”

It goes like this:

If I can’t have it, neither can you

If I can’t do it, neither can you

If I can’t see the bigger picture, neither can you

If I can’t be successful, neither can you

If I can’t achieve more, neither can you

The Crab mentality is derived from the metaphor of crabs in a bucket, wherein an individual or a group of people will always try to pull others down from prospering or being successful.

Especially if it’s without them.

It stems from the fear that others might move ahead in life or in their professional pursuit, while they remain at the bottom of the bucket.

Sometimes you come across this trait which is very common in workspaces world-over, if I can’t have it, neither can you.

When this happens you have to be very strong, because if you’re not, they can stop YOU from living your dreams and achieving your goals.

You even start thinking to yourself, am I doing the right thing?

This happened so many times on my own journey…when I listened to these people who I honestly thought had my back…

And they were worried about my intentions and falling flat on my face.

Whereas really, they were too scared to follow me instead, instead of encouraging me, they were putting roadblocks in front of me.

It was only when I met with a personal mentor who explained this to me, and why I needed to avoid the naysayers and follow my dream instead.

His simple advice, “it’s your dreams, not their’s.”

This is why I would encourage you or anyone to avoid the so-called experts who have never taken the chance to enrich their own lives when the opportunity arises.

Take it from me, you can only do better if you take professional advice from someone who’s been there and done it.

This is how I met the same person who changed my life while setting me on a successful road to financial freedom.

You can check it out here…

So be better than a crab, don’t be pulled back by people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

To your success

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