Consider Offering High Priced Private Consulting to Make Big Money Online

All of the gurus do it. They sell products that teach their customers how to do whatever it is they want to know. They then upsell their consulting services at unbelievable rates. They don’t normally sell very many hours of their service, but if you’re earning $2,000 for an hour of your time you only need to do it every once in a while to make it worth the effort.

You might not think that you’re enough of a guru to do this yourself, but you would be surprised. If you’re selling an information product or running a blog that provides free information on a niche topic then you are an expert. If you’re an expert you can gain the respect and admiration of many people. Once you gain even the smallest level of fame you can present yourself as true expert worth big money.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

If your website doesn’t provide a bio that tells your visitors just how amazing you are then you need to get on it right away. Find anyone who is willing to provide testimony about your expertise. It’s best if you can get them to do it on video. Include these on your bio page. Just remember – when you say it about yourself it’s merely boasting. When others say it, it’s certifiable truth.

Include a form to contact you for your consulting services on this page. You shouldn’t be surprised if you occasionally get inquiries just from this one simple page of content. It’s up to you to announce your rates on the page or keep them to yourself until you get to speak to a prospective client.

Selling Your Consulting Hours in Your Information Products

If you’ve written an information product that is actually selling then you can be sure there are people out there who would love to pay for an hour or more of your time. Just be sure to include an advertisement at the beginning and end of your product. If it’s a video course you can include a short pitch at the front and back of each video.

This is a great way to find customers willing to spend money on your expertise. If they were willing to throw a few bucks at the resource you created they’re more likely to be willing to spend money on private consulting time.

How to Figure Out What to Charge

The first thing you need to know about setting consulting rates is that you need to charge a lot of money. If you’re not charging at least $75 an hour you’re going to give your prospects the impression that you’re not going to deliver serious value. You can certainly find a few customers willing to pay lower rates, but if they don’t think you’re worth a lot of money they’re not going to pay for the consulting hours.

You need to experiment with price points. Figure out the minimum amount you want to earn for an hour of consulting time and start by charging twice as much. Measure your results. If you’re getting plenty of business, consider a price increase. If you’re not getting the amount you’d like you can reduce the price and see what happens. Keep on adjusting the price until you find the sweet spot – plenty of customers paying plenty of money for an hour of your time.

What Niches Are Best Suited for Consulting Fees?

There really is no limit to what kind of consulting services you can provide. Here are just a few out of the ordinary suggestions:

  1. Consulting time for salt water aquarium hobbyists
  2. Consultation for those looking to be more romantic in their marriage
  3. Provide consulting on how to improve skills in a hobby
  4. Be a resource for individuals that love to cook

You can work as a consultant in areas that have nothing to do with making money, and you can do it all with web conferencing tools like Skype. Focus on developing your image as an expert and offering your consulting services. Even if you don’t get a client prospective customers that learn you provide these services will view you as a true expert and be more likely to purchase your products or services. It’s the truest definition of a “win-win.”

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